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The Jena Center 20th Century History is part of the Historical Institute at the Friedrich Schiller University. Reflecting the process of specialization in the field of contemporary history, the Jena Center aims to strengthen the bonds between research and teaching on interdisciplinary and international levels.

The centerpiece of this pursuit is the Distinguished Visiting Professorship, which every semester brings to Jena renowned academicians from all fields of historical study of the twentieth century.

Moreover, the Jena Center 20th Century History comprises a Graduate School for which the structure of PhD programs serves as a model. Lectures, seminars and conferences on a broad variety of topics are offered to its students as part of a regular Events Calendar.

The mission of the Jena Center is to bring together various interpretations and research perspectives on the history of the twentieth century, with a particular focus on the history of National Socialism and its aftermath in Germany and Europe up to the present.

The establishment and ongoing support of the Jena Center was made possible by the generous donation of Drs. Christiane and Nicolaus-Jürgen Weickart who reside in Switzerland and the United States.